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The Space Between by Krzyho The Space Between by Krzyho
ok, my new desktop...
I hope U like It! ;)

I'm inviting to visit my website


thank you in advance for visiting:)
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Star-buck Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
Dave matthews? :)
Krzyho Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
yep! my favourite band :dance:
Star-buck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
niiice! I love Dave
Krzyho Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009
What song of Dave you like the most?
do you have some favourite song?
Star-buck Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009
Oh wow....I can't pick just one! I love so many of them.

But here are some of my favorites:

Say Goodbye
When the World Ends
Grace is Gone
Lie in Our Graves
Digging a Ditch
Cry Freedom cry
Grey Street
Sleep to Dream her
(I love his version of all along the watch tower)
Don't drink the water
Space Between
Ant Marching
Stay (wasting Time)
Crash into me
So much to say
one sweet world
Some devil
Stay or leave
Grey blue eyes
old dirt hill
hunger for the great light
lover lay down
jimi thing

ok I could keep going and going hahaa

Say Goodbye is probably on the top of that list because it's just a brilliant song that depicts such an enticing story of forbidden love. ;p I also love Space Between.....great lyrics. All his lyrics are poetic and beautiful. He's a genius.
Krzyho Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
haha...hmm...I could better ask which songs you don't like or which songs aren't yours favourite?:D
and so quite seriously...yes Dave is a genius, almost all his songs are wonderful to this rank wonderful that I learnt to play a lot of his songs on my acoustic guitar;)
I love too Say Goodbye it is fantastic song! to this list I would add Gravedigger, American baby, When the world ends and Mother, father...these are great songs:) it is possible to say it is not a music, it is a phenomenon. Every plate, every work it is an unusual, very beautiful journey to the faerie:)
Star-buck Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009
I don't really care for "Stand Up" (the song, not the album itself) or "I did it"

hahaa I think I have When the World Ends on my list of favorites there....

Oh nice! It's nice you can play his songs....I've not attempted any Dave yet.

I've played songs like "Jupiter" (Jewel) and "You were meant for me" (Jewel)
"Angels wings" (Social Distortion) "Streetlights" (Ludo) stuff like that. I started playing "Boss DJ" (Sublime) the other night....I LOVE the's mostly G and C.....but then there's another part I don't really I've been playing just the regular A# C and D chords. It says, "for the next part, switch to bar chords for A# (sixth fret) and G (third fret)
for C use the eighth fret, and for the D use the tenth fret for the root
:confused: Uhhhh not sure what that means.....hahaha
Krzyho Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009
haha:ohmygod:how it could happen? indeed this song is on your fave list little mistake...hehe;)
and thanks...yes, I like to play his songs because they are amazing... I like very much to play space between, when the world ends (btw:> ) stay or leave, satellite (nice finger picking lesson) and one of my fav song mother father, anyway I like his guitar style;)
I think that you can try to play the song stay or leave is quite simple to teaching:nod:

earlier I could never hear these songs maybe except for the Jewel songs (I love her so soft) asked about the song boss dj (I saw the chords and this is quite simple song)
so maybe this video will explain something to you:

www._youtube._com/watch?v_=_ p8DgSRP7r-w

only you must delete the spaces "_" and later cut and paste in your browser address bar,
because devArt don't like YouTube links;)

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